Growth Hacking is not magic, is metodology.

Growth Hacking, as opposed to common beliefs, is nothing magical, but is based on an empirical approach. Our job is to think about solutions validated by identifying metrics that represent actual and real business goals (called actionable metrics) leaving aside unnecessary and useless marketing metrics.

The <b>Funnel</b>. | Growth Agents

The Funnel.

We base every intervention we make on the Growth Hacking Funnel, or AARRR model, the framework that better qualify the Growth Hacker's methodology and allows us to divide the growth process in five interdependent phases on which to work with specific techniques to maximize results.

Acquisition. | Growth Agents


Get qualified traffic through the right channels for your target.

Activation. | Growth Agents


Convince users to use your product and not the one of your competitors.

Retention. | Growth Agents


Create dynamics that make users go back to use your product again and again.

Revenue. | Growth Agents


Optimize your monetization processes and increase your ROI.

Referral. | Growth Agents


Use techniques to increase your online word-of-mouth and virality coefficient.

An iterative and data–driven process.

The validation of marketing actions and development happens cyclically according to an iterative process based on testing, tracking and progressive optimization of results. In this way it's possible to formulate more calibrated actions, define more realistic goals and make the growth process more effective.

Measuring. | Growth Agents


Quantitative measuring of user's behavioral data allows us to intervene in a precise and effective way on product refinement.

Analysis. | Growth Agents


Constant qualitative analysis of products and campaigns data is fundamental to understand the best method to optimize every process.

Optimization. | Growth Agents


Implementing optimization's hypothesis is the result of a continuos refinement work and is always a temporary result, not a final truth: more growth is always the next goal.

Turn on the Growth Machine.

Our final goal is to achieve and start up the Growth Machine, a combination of functionality, marketing actions and process automation that triggers a progressively self-suistainable business growth.