Our core competence, your new strategic asset.

We combine Digital Intelligence tools and Growth Hacking frameworks to direct strategies to measurable business goals.


Business Model.

We co-design with the clients the business canvas to analyze the company’s structure, offer, customer segmentation and distribution channels.

Marketing Mix.

Quantitative and qualitative analysis of the combination of the online channels.


Analysis of digital company positioning and identification of areas for improvement.

Competitive Intelligence.

Benchmarking and analysis of the online presence and performance of competitor/comparable players.


Analysis of the state-of-the-art of the development, tracking, testing, CRM and marketing automation technologies.


Brand identity and graphic design analysis.


AARRR Funnel.

Design of customer journeys and identification of funnel areas of action.

Channel strategy.

Data-driven selection and prioritization of the promising channels for customer acquisition and retention.

Activity prioritization.

Data-driven selection and prioritization of specific activities for each channels based on the business situation and goals.

Campaigns planning.

Design of the experiments for minimum viable campaigns, predisposed to a continuous optimization process.


Stabilizing the marketing mix and the media spending on the basis of the experimented campaigns results.

From theory to action with

We have realized the critical issues of effectively apply growth frameworks and processes directly in the field. That's why we designed and developed Hacktion, the first Growth Hacking tool to move from theory to action.

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