Your ultimate digital platform.

Completely customizable at user's needs, built on a modern and scalable infrastructure for digital transformation.

WAKANDA is the no–limits digital platform: thanks to its modern base and its modular infrastructure the projects built with WAKANDA can be tailored on your needs without restrictions.

WAKANDA is the ideal product for e–commerce, management systems, ERPs and to digitalize your processes.

Features of WAKANDA.


WAKANDA includes an advanced CMS with multilingual page management and complex and customizable user roles and permissions.


WAKANDA let you manage blogs with integrated categories, tags, editor's role definition and article's revision.


User registration, orders monitoring, checkout and payment gateway are all features integrated in WAKANDA.

Product management.

WAKANDA is the best solution for your centralized PIM from which you can manage your product informations and your inventory.

External cloud integrations.

Thanks to its modular structure WAKANDA can easily integrate different external services and become the centralized point where are your business data is managed.

Digital transformation.

If you have business–specific needs WAKANDA can be customized at your will to digitalize and automate your business' processes.

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