More minds, one mindset.

We cover different digital areas thanks to a team made up of specialists with complementary skills, but most importantly with a strong passion for their job.

Emanuele Tricase - Chief Technology Officer | Growth Agents

Emanuele Tricase.

Chief Technology Officer

Marco Torretta - Head of Design | Growth Agents

Marco Torretta.

Head of Design

Giacomo Reali - Business Developer | Growth Agents

Giacomo Reali.

Business Developer

Filippo Melchionna - Business Developer | Growth Agents

Filippo Melchionna.

Business Developer

Agent A - Web Developer | Growth Agents

Agent A.

Web Developer

Agent A - Graphic and Web Designer | Growth Agents

Agent A.

Graphic and Web Designer

Agent B - B2B Specialist | Growth Agents

Agent B.

B2B Specialist

Agent E - Video Designer | Growth Agents

Agent E.

Video Designer

Agent J - Editor & Filmmaker | Growth Agents

Agent J.

Editor & Filmmaker

Agent J - Communication Specialist | Growth Agents

Agent J.

Communication Specialist

Agent L - Photographer | Growth Agents

Agent L.


Agent L - Automation Specialist | Growth Agents

Agent L.

Automation Specialist

Agent M - E-commerce Specialist | Growth Agents

Agent M.

E-commerce Specialist

Agent M - CRO Specialist | Growth Agents

Agent M.

CRO Specialist

Agent S - Business Developer | Growth Agents

Agent S.

Business Developer

Agent W - team.agents.agent-w.job | Growth Agents

Agent W.

Data hunter

Our certifications and rewards.

Our Agents are certified professionals that received various honors and awards for their professional results. They costantly improve their skills to always be prepared for the quick changes and evolutions the digital world is subject to.