Management and monitoring of corporate access

Access is a tablet application designed and developed specifically for the iOS operating system aimed at companies with the need to record and monitor attendance within their company.

Entrance, visit, exit

Access allows companies to simplify and speed up the access operations to their premises by guests: at the entrance, the guest will only have to digitally sign their presence on the register and agree to the acceptance form of the conditions.

Throughout the period of stay, the guest's presence is monitored and geolocated so that you can always be aware of her position. At the end of the visit, the guest will have to sign the exit register again and put an end to tracking.

All information collected by Access is automatically stored on a local database and it is possible to connect the app to the company CRM for subsequent and complete use of the data.

Total security

Access has been indicated for those companies that frequently host guests in their buildings, such as locations with conference rooms available or companies with the need to organize demonstration tours in the production departments.

Furthermore, Access has proved particularly useful during the pandemic period due to the COVID-19 virus where accesses and external stays have been limited and placed under strict regulations.