We build e–commerces tailored for you

Our technological solutions are designed to create advanced e-commerce platforms that allow you to sell both physical and digital products online.

Design and Development

Design, development and go–live:

we take care of everything

We help you plan your next e-commerce from top to bottom, starting from the planning and design up to the realisation and its publication on the web.

Furthermore, thanks to the transversal skills of our team, we help you identify the requirements and services necessary for your business, adopting ad-hoc solutions such as direct integrations with couriers for the management of shipments, or NFT registrations on the Blockchain.

Ad–hoc design
Web development
Administation panel
Courier integration
NFT and Blockchain
Hosting and maintenance

Complete support for your digital infrastructure

An e-commerce is constantly growing and moving. To meet these characteristics we use dedicated high-performance servers and databases so that the user experience on your e-commerce is always optimal.

We also support you in periodic maintenance, in compliance with the GDPR and in the monitoring and registration of orders and buyers.

Powerful servers
Support and maintenance
Automatic backups
Orders review
GDPR compliance

E-commerce yes, but designed to convert

Thanks to the transversal experience of our team in the development of e-commerce platforms, we know how to adopt design best practices to optimise the navigability of the platform, and use navigation and usage data to implement features in order to increase the conversion rate and therefore revenues.

Checkout optimisation
Product details optimisation
Tailored customer journeys
ROI and CLV optimisation
CRO–oriented design
Retention best practices

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