ADL Consulting

Portal for courses, multimedia resources and academies

ADL Consulting is a strategic consulting, public affairs and institutional communication company specialized in lobbying, advocacy and change management activities. ADL Consulting uses a data-driven approach to carry out quantitative analyzes and thematic insights to share with events and training courses both online and offline.

Digital Lobbying Blog

ADL Consulting offers a series of highly strategic services for companies and professionals in the sector. We designed and developed the institutional website thinking precisely of the richness of the company's offer and the importance it has for its customers.

In particular, we have dedicated ample space to the “Digital Lobbying Blog”, a digital space intended as a real observatory where professionals can update themselves on national and international issues, cases of innovation and case histories. The blog is structured in topics and can be updated by both ADL Consulting professionals and external consultants through a management of CMS permissions. Furthermore, sharing and discussion on blog articles is favored by the connection with social channels.

Executive training and exclusive documentation

A very important part of the ADL Consuliting offer are the training courses that are offered through the Academy, aimed at managers and professionals who intend to increase their professional profile. We have created a special section where you can find all the available courses with an exhaustive description of the topics covered and download the attached information documentation. Since the courses are limited, we have developed a booking system that could guarantee participation.

We have also configured an advanced contact form. It is possible to request the sending of exclusive free or premium documentation with sector studies and research.

Search and selection of new talents

ADL Consulting operates in constantly evolving sectors that require always up-to-date and modern professional profiles. This is why we have digitized the search and selection process by creating the Careers area where you can upload any open positions with description and information or use the spontaneous application form. The form contains the updated Privacy policy and the data transmitted is managed through the connected CRM.