EDGE Strategy

Institutional site with interactive elements

EDGE (Economic Dividends for Gender Equlity) is a Swiss company founded in 2011 that certifies the adoption of certain practices for gender equality within companies.

EDGE certification is based on an assessment methodology which, through both qualitative and quantitative parameters, covers all the key issues of the gender equality issue: gender balance within the organization, wage equity, implementation of active policies aimed at guaranteeing a fair professional growth path and the presence of inclusiveness practices in the corporate culture.

Gender equality, all over the world

EDGE certification is a global standard. In addition to evaluation tasks, EDGE also implements real benefits through support operations useful for transforming the workplace. Every day, small companies and multinationals apply the EDGE methodology to bring gender equity closer. When we were entrusted with the creation of the website design, we focused precisely on the importance of the global scope of the theme and on the commitment of companies to achieve this goal: we therefore created an interactive map that shows in real time which companies are around the world who possess or are in the process of obtaining EDGE certification. The peculiarity of the map is its dynamism obtained through the connection with the database that contains data relating to the state of the companies. There are also a series of filters to refine and speed up the search such as the company sector or the search by country.

A center for knowledge

Another fundamental element created for the site is the section in the "Knowledge Center" which contains articles for raising awareness on the issue of gender equality with advice on practices to be implemented daily to improve life in the workplace. The interviews with the Top Managers of leading multinational companies in the sector are also fundamental, testifying to the importance of the existence of Certification.

Joining the Cause

EDGE is a constantly growing reality, which is why we have set up a "Careers" area where you can find available job positions and send an application. The selection process is completely digitized, organized in such a way that the data received is automatically sent to a dedicated database of the company CRM.