Love Me In Veneto

Booking and customised configuration of experiences

Love Me In Veneto is the official business network of the Veneto Region specialized in organizing all kinds of romantic experiences in the Veneto area.

Romantic getaways, honeymoon proposals, weddings and moons of: all special events whose typical customers require impeccable planning to make them unforgettable experiences. This is only possible if a support from the organizers is in place a reliable, clear and precise support system.

All the magic of Veneto in a single web portal

The goal was to create a platform that would guarantee the customer a satisfying experience from the very first contact with the Love Me In Veneto brand.

After carrying out an initial preliminary phase of study and analysis of the main competitors, we focused on the design of the customer's customer journey, the graphical interface and the User Experience. It was necessary that the love for the territory was immediately perceptible, enhancing its uniqueness but at the same time its great variety, and above all the reliability and completeness of the service.

On Love Me In Veneto there are green mountain landscapes, lagoon scenarios and sea views: we have designed a site where all the elements coexist harmoniously while always maintaining a perfect stylistic coherence.

Another fundamental element for the proper functioning of the site was the provision of a navigation that would allow a simple orientation among the vast possibilities of choice offered. In this, the items in the navigation menu, the hierarchy of the pages and the subdivision of the sections explicitly and clearly illustrate the services offered by the platform, making the search for information quick and professional.

Finally, with a view to promoting and enhancing the area, we have prepared the use of a blog where you can learn more about the particularities and peculiarities of the Veneto region, inviting and stimulating readers to experience the beauty of the area firsthand.


Create a unique experience, exactly as you dreamed of

By the very nature of the service offered by Love Me In Veneto, continuous contact between consultants, organizers and customers is necessary, and that the intentions and decisions of each actor are clear in this process.

The spearhead of Love Me In Veneto is certainly the possibility of being able to personalize your romantic experience in every detail. This is why we have created the “Plan your dream” section, the configurator which, through a detailed questionnaire, allows the customer to build exactly the desired service package. This system, in addition to a more effective management, also allows a better profiling of contacts and the opportunity to carry out targeted lead generation and remarketing actions.