Nautilus Technologies

Lead generation with the help of a website

Nautilus is a modern reality aimed at the pharmaceutical sector that offers software and services for the digitalization of pharmacies, with technical support and online and offline training for employees.

The services range from the management of platforms for patient healthcare to technological products for the sanitation of environments, a need that is always necessary in the medical field but even more felt following the pandemic caused by Covid-19.

Talk to the right people

Operating in a particular sector, Nautilus offers services for a certain type of public. We have designed and developed the institutional website addressing it to an extremely specific target: from the layout design to the type of content, each element is aimed at the lead generation of a highly profiled target interested in a specific type of offer.

The navigation menu is structured to provide Nautilus technological services with clarity and professionalism, transmitting expertise and attention to the topics covered.

Professionalism even miles away

The pharmacy is considered as the first territorial health center: it is a point of reference for the population of a neighborhood. With Nautilus we have addressed in advance the issue of the evolution of pharmacies in a digital context, a discourse that has become even more felt and current during the difficult pandemic situation of 2020. Prepare the Nautilus website so that pharmacists can easily find and request relevant content and services to develop your business was the main challenge of the job.