Maintain a catalog of bio products

Ohi Vita is the organic product brand belonging to the VéGé Group. Ohi Vita offers a wellness line of organic, rich in and free from products with no additional chemicals aimed at a healthy, sustainable, balanced diet that is attentive to intolerances.

Pay attention to a healthy diet

The attention towards a healthy lifestyle and a more informed food choice is increasing. This is why it is extremely important to make sure that users find the right brand when they search the web. We then carried out an SEO optimization operation on the Ohi Vita website, improving the page layouts and updating the contents to make them more efficient. We have also implemented technical improvements to index all pages relating to BIO products, within which the cards with nutritional values, origin and quality certification are loaded.

Culture of food well-being

Another fundamental aspect when it comes to food is the disclosure of proper and healthy nutrition. This is why we have created a blog area where you can publish different types of articles: from advice for intolerances to curiosities about food up to tasty natural recipes. Each article can be categorized into a specific collection for a faster and more accurate search.