Startup Hype Is Over: Roll Up Your Sleeves and Grow Hack Your Business

When I read a blog post like you’re doing now I always ask myself if I’m wasting my time or if I’m going to find the information I need. Since I don’t like wasting your time I want to be completely clear with you: Is your goal to be a successful digital professional or entrepreneur? Then you are in the right place.

Welcome to Growth Agents! We are trained Growth Hackers and we’re here to teach you what Growth Hacking really is and how it can be applied to your own business to make it grow.

Although this may sound a bit presumptuous, it’s not. The Growth Hacking methodology isn’t really widespread yet, especially in the Old World. And despite that, even within the few that talks about it there are some “web jugglers” that tries to ride the wave of the moment by making it another buzzword, spreading false information and pretending to be experts.

The real situation.

A wave of digital innovation already came to Europe around the year 2010. It encouraged on one hand digital economy and investments in startups, but on the other leading to great expectations under the influence of the startup hype: the world would change due to great ideas. That’s challenging, to say the least.

9 out of 10 digital businesses fail. That says a statistical survey of the digital market dynamics which hasn’t been taken into great consideration. Why? Because of the great emphasis on the success cases of big tech companies like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Dropbox, AirBnB, and a lot more that makes everyone think that there is hope for everyone.

The hype effect has led to the misleading idea that a digital product is scalable and has high chances of success due to a public of millions of users.

The real thing is, it is not like that. At all. Millions of users are not waiting for your product, and are not going to use it just because you think it’s good. You need a strategy to realize whether there’s anyone actually interested in your product in the first place.

To begin one should ask a couple of questions:

  • Why does only one digital products out of 10 succeeds?
  • How can this product speed up the growth to become truly scalable?

The answer.

Growth Hacking is the answer. It’s a multidisciplinary approach between computer engineering and web marketing based on the cases of successful startups born and raised in the Silicon Valley, a mindset that makes your business grow through a scientific approach by providing data-driven solutions.

Growth Hacking is a crucial step of the product development in the digital field, or “customer development” by Steve Blank, who has encouraged Eric Ries Lean Startup methodology.

It is largely based on an iterative model, called the AARRR framework, which has one specific goal: to plan and implement the Growth Engine phase to trigger an automated and auto sustainable Growth Machine.


This blog itself is meant to share everything about Growth Hacking with you in a very direct and without frills way.

Sean Ellis once said: “A Growth Hacker is a person whose true north is Growth”Follow us to the north, and be one of the first to learn and implement the real Growth Hacking in your business.