Isabella Caposano

Digitalisation of a high fashion brand

Isabella Caposano is a fashion and haute couture brand, specializing in the creation of exclusive wedding dresses and haute couture. The clothes created by the designer are characterized by a refined refinement in both style and materials, also coming from the inspiration and passion for art and the great attention paid to the wishes of customers.

The strength of Isabella Caposano lies in the care of her products and the same for her customers, especially as regards the offline. The need was therefore to bring the same digital experience to a website that could show the collections in a detailed and in-depth way.

The experience begins online…

The strengths of the brand are undoubtedly the ateliers, much more than just shops but exclusive spaces within which the passion for tailoring is highly tangible and where customers can try the quality of the clothes firsthand and choose the materials. For this reason, after a preliminary analysis, we preferred to follow a different and less conventional strategy: using the website to paradoxically take the user offline again.

This strategy invites users to live an experience inside the ateliers starting, however, from the online experience: the first step was to design a showcase website, a focal stage of the customer journey and designed to make the customer experience engaging even thanks to the emotional photo galleries and the deep union with social channels.

The ultimate goal is to book a private visit to the ateliers causing the so-called "first moment of truth".

…and continues offline

Once the user arrives in the atelier he was immersed in an environment that accentuates all the senses thanks to the physical involvement of seeing and touching the materials, appreciating the quality of the products and being guided in the whole process of making clothes by seamstresses and the stylist himself.

This meant that the user had an extremely high conversion rate compared to a purely digital – only experience.